10 reasons to write a will

Contact Author Source As an editor and avid consumer of pop culture, I have a bone to pick with the top ten list. Wherever I go, there they are: Like cockroaches or golden arches, top ten lists are everywhere, from TV to blogs to bathroom walls.

10 reasons to write a will

Email I am guilty of pushing snail mail on you just about every other blog post. But you know how when you discover something really great, you want to tell everyone about it? For lack of a better adjective, letters are special. When I open my mailbox and see a hand-written letter, my feelings go from exhilaration to curiosity and plane off at happiness.

After I read the letter and write back, I put the letter in a binder to keep forever.

Who inherits the good silver is just the beginning

People love letters so much that this creative entrepreneur makes her living selling them! My cousin, Sophia, clearly has a solid understanding of this concept. The first line in her letter from below — she would have been about 12 years old — reads: My friend Morgan is the master of sending short, sweet postcards.

10 reasons to write a will

When I receive those postcards, the message I get is: Sending snail mail is a great excuse to send out a little work of art. The photo below, believe it or not, is of the envelope containing our rent check. Finally, a couple of months ago, I decided spending time on the rent check envelope was pointless, and I sent a plain, hastily scribbled envelope.

I received an email from the property management company letting me know that they noticed, and that the calligraphed envelopes make their day so please continue to send those. Writing letters can express ideas through materials. This would be very difficult to achieve in an email.

The Lisa Frank stationery is top-notch, and it is complemented by her verbiage: But this letter still makes me laugh with its ridiculous, playful prattle and colorful sea creatures.


Could you Skype with someone across the globe right now, if you wanted to? The novelty of international communication is wearing off by the second. But, for me, receiving something from a country other than my own is charming. I love seeing the different stamps and stationery. The main reason I write letters is it preserves my friendships.

You have to be thinking: Not only that, but my friends and I are able to keep in touch really well despite leading completely different lives in completely different cities. Contrast this with email, where I have a hard time being consistent because of the constant deluge of distracting stuff that makes its way into my inbox.

When This Bar Saves Lives gets the letter, it donates a packet of food to a child. You can learn more here ; be sure and write by the November 15th deadline.

Because people have loved letters since always. I mean, where do you start? Hopefully this list of reasons to write letters has inspired you to pick up a pen and surprise someone with a treat in their mailbox next week!If these reasons to write your Will find you in a position where you are ready to put yours in place please give us a call on or email [email protected] and we will arrange for you local consultant to get in touch.

10 reasons to write a will If you don’t have any living relatives, your possessions could be sold off and the ‘crown’ (government) keeps the proceeds.

If you’re separated, but still legally married or in a civil partnership, your ex could get everything – even if you split up with them years ago. To mark Write a Will Week, we highlight 10 reasons why you should make one sooner rather than later.

Surveys show that people put off making a will, often until they’re in their 50s. Three-quarters of the population have a will in place by the time they are 65, but that still leaves a sizeable number uncovered, not to mention those who die young.

A list of ten reasons you should write more handwritten letters explaining how handwritten letters can benefit both the sender and the recipient. A list of ten reasons you should write more handwritten letters explaining how handwritten letters can benefit both the sender and the recipient.

And writing is a great tool to speak better. It takes time to write and often times you can edit and then share the views with the world. Writing helps see your thoughts clearly. Most of the time the stories are buried and you are afraid to share them. Writing helps you see the clarity in your thinking.

Jan 05,  · A decade ago, I was dating a physician. He was a nice guy, but I knew the relationship was doomed the night he asked: "So, when are you going to write a .

10 Things You Should Know About Writing a Will - Assets, Inheritance