Becoming a pastry chef

Turns out, some of you want to be pastry chefs and are looking for advice on the how to go about it.

Becoming a pastry chef

Common types of fat used include buttervegetable shorteningsand lard. Butter is the most common type used because it provides a richer taste and superior mouthfeel. Shortenings and lard have a higher melting point therefore puff pastry made with either will rise more than pastry made with butter, if made correctly.

Puff pastry made in this manner will however often have a waxy mouthfeel and more bland flavor.

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Specialized margarine formulated for high plasticity the ability to spread very thin without breaking apart is used for industrial production of puff pastry. Variants and distinctions[ edit ] Further information: Flaky pastry Since the process of making puff pastry is generally laborious and time-intensive, faster recipes are fairly common: Puff pastry differs from phyllo filo pastry, though puff pastry can be substituted for phyllo in some applications.

Phyllo dough is made with flour, water, and fat and is stretched to size rather than rolled. When preparing phyllo dough, a small amount of oil or melted fat usually butter is brushed on one layer of dough and is topped with another layer, a process repeated as often as desired.

When the phyllo bakes it becomes crispy but, since it contains somewhat less water, does not expand to the same degree as puff pastry. Puff pastry also differs from Austrian strudel doughor Strudelteig, which more closely resembles phyllo.A pastry artist or chef uses imagination, innovation, and a thorough knowledge of how pastry ingredients work with one another to create a wide variety of baked treats, including cakes, pies, and.

The Making of a Pastry Chef: Recipes and Inspiration from America's Best Pastry Chefs [Andrew MacLauchlan] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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Becoming a pastry chef

In The Making of a Pastry Chef, Andrew MacLauchlan has gathered the hearts, minds. A pastry chef’s duties are similar to the responsibilities of other chefs and culinary arts professionals. The work of a pastry chef is done on a laborious schedule. Baking can begin very early in the morning, and can go on for many, long hours.

Becoming a pastry chef

Chefs and specialist chefs prepare and cook complete meals, banquets or specialty foods such as pastries, sauces, soups, salads, vegetables, meat, poultry and . Top Culinary School for Becoming a Pastry Chef - Santa Ana, CA Santa Ana, CA, has few schools with programs in pastry arts.

Find the best program for you by reading about school rankings. The book "How To Become A Pastry Chef - A Passion For Pastries" is exactly what I was looking for. Most pastry chef books are all about recipes and cooking but I was actually looking for information about certifications, grants and ph-vs.coms:

How to Become a Pastry Chef - The Ultimate Guide