Cathay pacifics sustainable development report 2010

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Cathay pacifics sustainable development report 2010

M88 Based on the Environmental Protection Departments Guidelines to Account for and Report on Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Removals for Buildings Commercial, Residential or Institutional Purposes in Hong Kong Editionthe amount of electricity used by our management office, common areas, elevators and billboards in is the equivalent of To attend business engagements, employees are encouraged to ride on public transport, including the bus, the tram and MTR.

Prior approval must be granted by the company for transportation by taxi.

Cathay pacifics sustainable development report 2010

Our greenhouse gas emissions from air travel and company vehicles are offsetted by purchasing the equivalent carbon credits through Cathay Pacifics FLY greener programme.

Conserving Resources and Waste Management Of the 3Rs reduce, reuse, recycle reduce is the most effective in waste management. We are commited to adhering to this waste hierarchy. E-mailing and e-billing is our preferred mode of communication with our clients.

Wherever possible, we print double-sided or use the obsolete side of paper. Envelopes are reused for internal circulation purposes. We encourage our staff to collect used paper so that we can subsequently sell it to the local recycling centre.

The funds earned from selling paper is transferred to our Environmental Fund to support our green activities. Part of the funds collected was used to finance our non-disposable utensils and cutlery for office functions.

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Other recyclable materials can be deposited into the building floors recycling bin. Our floor is the first in the building to request from our building management to supply a recycling bin for the collection Cathay pacifics sustainable development report 2010 paper, plastic and metal on our floor When our electrical equipment is at the end of their life of operation, we dispose of equipment sustainably.

In24 electrical equipment were donated to the organization. Other recycling campaigns are organized internally and at M88 to collect red packets, mooncake tin boxes, old books and clothes, and used batteries. A list of organizations that offer take-back programs is available in our pantry for staffs referral.

We have pledged support to Friends of the Earth HK s Order less Waste less, more Blessings campaign, and avoid ordering excess dishes at our corporate functions. Green Purchasing We try to source our goods and services locally and from as near as possible, and purchase in bulk to help us save on transportation costs and packaging, as well as to help us reduce our scope 3 emissions.

We also try to do business with our clients and customers as responsibly as we can. When we select new electrical and electronic equipment for our office and for our clients, we factor green procurement guidelines into our decision-making, referring to EPDs guidelines and WWF Hong Kongs Low Carbon Living Appliances Guide to help us select LED computer monitors and Grade 1 energy efficiency labelled electrical equipment.

Procurement of other materials includes: T5 fluorescent lamps to gradually phase out incandescent and T8 fluorescent lights Printer cartridges from suppliers that offer a take-back program for their packaging and empty toners. Paper that is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council FSC Sustainable seafood at our company functions, including the elimination of shark fins soup from the menu Green Management at M88 Located at Wellington Street in the heart of Central, M88 offers an array of entertainment services, including clubs and restaurants.

With a large customer base, the environmental impacts of M88 are significant. We therefore seek the cooperation from our tenants, suppliers 13 and contractors to mitigate our environmental impacts. To meet those critical needs, we have developed policies and practices that care for their health and safety.

The safety of our staff is of paramount of importance, and we work to ensure that the workplace is a safe environment, that safe equipment is provided and that a safe system of work exists, including guidance, supervision and training.

A booklet of courses 14 Stretch bands and a weighing scale are placed in our pantry for free use of our staff offered by the Labour Department is also available for staffs reference. In compliance with the Occupational Safety and Health Display Screen Equipment Regulation, each employee is requested to complete the Workstation Risk Assessment Checklist twice a year to ensure that that each staffs workspace minimizes any physical discomfort and strain experienced by the employee.

The company reviews the completed checklist and makes the necessary accommodation if any issues are raised. Staff are reminded to take frequent breaks from display screen equipment and to not work on the equipment for more than 45 minutes each hour. It is recommended that employees complete some other work assigned and stay away from their computer monitors for at least 10 minutes every hour.

To eliminate the spread of infectious diseases at the workplace, hand sanitizers are available and face masks are provided, and a first aid kit is also available in case of any injuries arising at the workplace. An air purifier is set up in the office to manage indoor air quality. To promote the wellness of our staff, health posters are placed around the office to remind staff of some useful health tips.

Staff can monitor their health through the use of measuring tape, stretch bands and weighing scale in our pantry. A range of health benefits and programs are also provided to eligible full- and part-time employees, including: Paid training leave to attend one OSH course per year Stress management workshops Medical insurance coverage with top up option Medical examination Dietitian session Health talk Apart from training for ones career, we believe that it is equally valuable to know how to achieve a work-life balance.

InSuicide Prevention Services provided a stress management workshop to our staff to learn how to cope with any tension they may face.

Sincewe have developed a close relationship with the World Cancer Research Fund WCRFan organization that focuses on education and research in the prevention of cancer through physical activity, diet and weight management.

In andwe joined the organizations Healthy Workplace Challenge and Fruity Friday to bring to our staff information on how to live a healthy lifestyle as part of work-life balance.Cathay Pacific Airways has launched its Sustainable Development Report, which outlines the various sustainable development measures undertaken by the airline and the Cathay Pacific Group’s subsidiaries based in Hong Kong.

The theme of the report is “Sustaining a Life Well Travelled”.“At. Cathay Pacific Services (CPSL) - Sustainable Development Report Vogue Laundry (covered by Cathay Pacific Airways' report) - Sustainable Development Report Hong Kong Airport Services (HAS) - Sustainable Development Report The winner of the City of Dreams Pavilion Competition , the sustainable design of Ann Ha and Behrang Behin’s Living Pavilion, was installed on New York's Governors Island for the summer season as a temporary central gathering and assembly point for arts activity on the island.

Overview of Engagement with our stakeholders; Stakeholder Issues and Cathay Pacific (CX) Response Map ; What is material to the sustainability of our business? Corporate Governance. Governance of sustainability; Risk management and sustainable development; Competition compliance; Our Management Approach.

Sustainable development Sustainability is one of the core management philosophies at CPSL. We have embedded best practices into every aspect of the operations, from the design of the Cathay Pacific Cargo Terminal to daily operational procedures, to achieve high environmental standards.

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