Digitale dissertationen fu berlin

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Digitale dissertationen fu berlin

Furthermore colorectal and mammary carcinomas with microsatellite markers from the region 17q23 as well as from other regions, which often show changes in tumors, were examined for the existence of heterozygosity loss.

Due to the support of the YAC-library and five cell hybrids with chromosomal fragments, derived from the region 17q, it was possible to achieve a more specific determination of the position on the long arm of the chromosome 17q The sequencing of cloned DNA fragments and the examination of the genomic structure of the KPNA2-Gene yielded that the gene consists of 11 exons and has the size of base pairs, not considering the promotor.

It is very conspicious that there are repetitive sequences in the introns 5, 7 and 9 so called ALU- repetitionsthat make the gene susceptible to internal deletions and duplications.

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The investigations on the loss of heterozygosity took place by using the PCR- technique in microdissected tumors. We tested 40 colorectal carcinomas with 12 microsatellite markers and 30 mammary carcinomas with 7 microsatellite markers.

The colorectal carcinomas revealed for the regions, that are defined by the markers D17S and D17S and directly border on the KPNA2-Gene, a relatively high rate of loss in comparison to other markers localized on the chromosome The examined mammary carcinomas in the region, that contained the regions D17S, D17S and D17S, had the highest LOH-figure, mentioning that the image of loss in total appears more steady.Digitale dissertationen fu berlin.

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Digitale dissertationen fu berlin

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Digitale dissertationen fu berlin

com.. Gröpl, C. PhD thesis, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin. Gröpl, C. PhD thesis, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin. FU Berlin Digitale Dissertation: Michael Schwarz: Comparative epidemic-hygienic-microbiological investigations on horizontal and vertically fed, artificial wetlands with upstream multi-chamber-putrid-pit and/or a rotting container (rotting filter), serving as prepurifier.

Fu-Berlin. Dissertation of internet in the state of internet in english writing. Pageviews: Search search the essay digitale dissertationen fu berlin. Abstract: This thesis describes the development and successful experimental application of an apparatus for the observation of single levitated particles on a micrometer size scale by means of elastic light scattering and Raman spectroscopy.

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Michael Schwarz, PhDThesis, FU Berlin