Existence of a duty

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Existence of a duty

Export price and dumping margin Ans. Normal value is the comparable price at which the goods under complaint are sold, in the ordinary course of trade, in the domestic market of the exporting country. If the normal value can not be determined by means of the domestic sales, the following two alternative methods may be employed to determine the normal value: Constructed normal value, i.

The Export price of the goods allegedly dumped into India means the price at which it is exported to India. It is generally the CIF value minus the adjustments on account of ocean freight, insurance, commission, etc.

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The margin of dumping is the difference between the Normal value and the export price of the goods under complaint. It is generally expressed as a percentage of the export price.

Dumping is a function of two variables, namely Normal Value and Export Price, which must be compared at the same level of trade i.


The following are essential for initiating an anti dumping investigation: This is to further clarify that a domestic industry, which seeks relief, should give sufficient evidence with respect to the above parameters.

Unless the above parameters are satisfied, it will not be possible for the Authority to initiate an anti-dumping investigation. What are the parameters of injury to the domestic industry?

Broadly, injury may be analysed in terms of the volume effect and price effect of the dumped imports. The parameters by which injury to the domestic industry is to be assessed in the anti dumping proceedings are such economic indicators having a bearing upon the state of industry as the magnitude of dumping, and the decline in sales, selling price, profits, market share, production, utilisation of capacity etc.

What is the Non-injurious Price and injury margin?

How these are worked out? Non-Injurious Price NIP is that level of price, which the industry is, expected to have charged under normal circumstances in the Indian market during the Period defined.

Besides the calculation of the margin of dumping, the Designated Authority also calculates the Injury Margin for the Domestic Industry.

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For calculating Non-Injurious Price, the Authority calls for costing information from the domestic industry in the prescribed proforma for the period of investigations and for three previous years.

In the estimation of Non-Injurious Price for the Domestic Industry, the Authority makes appropriate analysis of all relevant factors like usage of raw material, usage of utilities, captive consumption etc.

The Non-Injurious Price for Domestic Industry is determined considering the reasonable return on the capital employed Ans. In the anti dumping proceedings, it is imperative to prove that the dumping has caused injury to the domestic industry. No anti dumping duty shall be recommended without a finding of this causal relationship.

Is it always in the form of Anti-dumping duty?

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Such duties are exporter specific and country specific. However, the remedy against dumping is not always in the form of anti dumping duty. The Authority may terminate or suspend investigation after the preliminary findings if the exporter concerned furnished an undertaking to revise his price to remove the dumping or the injurious effect of dumping as the case may be.

No anti dumping duty is recommended on such exporters from whom price undertaking has been accepted. How do they come into operation?The arguments for God's existence are variously classified and entitled by different writers, but all agree in recognizing the distinction between a priori, or deductive, and a .

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Existence of a duty

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