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Free webinar business writing

This webcast will provide an overview of the thermal imaging equipment needed, the procedures utilized, and any safety issues that thermographers need to consider.

free webinar business writing

Attendees will also discover how wet insulation patters are detected as well as the required weather conditions for conducting a successful inspection. Inframation is coming up Septemberin Austin, Texas.

This live webcast will demonstrate the process of designing a new template using the Word add-in.

free webinar business writing

Top 5 Uses of IR in Mechanical Systems This live tutorial will explore the most common uses of thermal free webinar business writing when inspecting mechanical systems including motors, pumps, bearings and more.

Learn what types of thermal patterns can be detected and what they indicate, plus the limitations of the technology when utilized for this particular application. Using Text Annotations to Optimize Infrared Reports The ability to produce effective reports quickly is a critical component of any successful infrared program.

One such way to improve your report writing capabilities is through the use of text annotations.

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This tutorial will cover how to utilize this feature, helping you generate reports more efficiently by populating important data points while still in the field.

Overview of Residential Building Inspections Thermal imaging can help us locate areas of missing insulation and air leakage bypasses in residential buildings that waste energy and increase costs.

This live tutorial will demonstrate how IR is applied in building envelope inspections for residential properties and the types of thermal patterns that a thermographer will encounter.

This live tutorial will cover an overview of using the new Report Studio, specifically the basics of template design, so you can get the most out of this valuable software program for thermographers. Overview of IR Camera Specifications New to thermography and thinking about purchasing a thermal imager?

Already have an infrared camera, but are unsure of its capabilities? We will breakdown and explain some of the more important IR camera specifications that are found in the product manuals and data sheets, including a few that are often misunderstood and some that you might not know about.


It also acts as the portal through which you can update and maintain the firmware of your thermal imager. Learn how to import, edit and analyze thermal images and create a basic inspection report that effectively communicates what problems the thermographer has detected with their infrared camera.

Basics of Thermal Imaging for Condition Monitoring Learn where thermal imaging is best applied in electrical and mechanical maintenance applications. This webinar will cover the conditions needed, the types of thermal patterns detected and the proper inspection procedures one should follow if using IR for condition monitoring.

Join us first to learn the basics of infrared thermography. This tutorial will discuss what an infrared camera can do and provide a brief overview of the various application areas where the technology is utilized.

Tips for Capturing Great Thermal Images This live tutorial will address how to capture quality thermal data with your infrared camera, covering some of the basics of infrared imaging that all thermographers should understand. It is also designed for ITC trained thermographers with Fluke thermal imagers who require guidance on using the software to complete the Field Assignment portion of their infrared certification.

How to Create a Report with FLIR Tools This live tutorial will cover how to import, edit and conduct basic analysis of your thermal images using the FLIR Tools software, plus how to create simple reports with the program's available built-in templates.

Getting Started with sUAS and Aerial Thermal Imaging This tutorial is designed to introduce you to the world of aerial infrared thermography by describing the potential applications, types of equipment, business opportunities, and regulations one needs to consider if entering this new and rapidly growing field of thermography.Business Law Section The Business Law Section is a global network of almost 50, business law professionals interested in expanding their knowledge, engaging with their professional communities, and advancing their experience through the Section's various benefits.

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