Louis de broglie dissertation

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Louis de broglie dissertation

Dieppe, France, 15 August ; d. Louveciennes, France, 19 March ,physics, quantum theorywave mechanics. Louis de Broglie achieved a worldwide reputation for his discovery of the wave theory of matter, for which he received the Nobel Prize for physics in Throughout his career, de Broglie wrote an impressive number of specialized books, together with more general accounts aimed at popularizing modern twentieth-century physics and discussing its philosophical issues.

After that time, the family served the French kings and then the French state in military and diplomatic affairs.

With the brothers Maurice and especially Louis, it added to its famous representatives among them three state marshals two world-rank physicists of the twentieth century. Louis did not have to try hard to convince his family of his choice: This same year, he joined the army to complete his military service.

Louis de broglie dissertation

Instead of being released after the regular three years of service, he stayed in the army until Throughout the whole duration of the conflict, he remained on the team at the Eiffel Tower station. Though he was involved in rather innovative applied research for instance, in collaboration with Leon Brillouin and his brother Maurice, he contributed to the development of wireless communication for allied submarineshe longed for more theoretical and fundamental work.

When the war ended, Louis de Broglie resumed his studies and research work in physics. While attending the lectures of Langevin at the College de France, he also began to assist his brother with experimental investigations. At the time, Maurice was already an experimentalist with an international reputation.

His private laboratory was renowned for pioneering research on x-ray spectra, and the young Louis there became familiar with the most advanced techniques of the field. During this time, de Broglie was already forming ideas which would eventually lead to his discovery of the wave nature of matter.

These works suggested that the idea of the dual nature of light as both a localized particle and a wave extended in space put forth by Albert Einstein in should be applied to matter as well.

He obtained the chair of physical theories at the Paris Faculty of Sciences in and taught there until his retirement in De Broglie led a rather withdrawn life and never married.

Louis de broglie dissertation

He was an honorary doctor of the universities of Warsaw, Bucharest, Athens, Lausanne, Quebec, and Brussels, and a member of eighteen foreign academies in Europe, India, and the United States.

The context of this research was the further study of the atomic structure, where investigation of the inner energy levels was made possible using x-rays instead of visible light.

Serving as a house-theoretician, Louis de Broglie had to learn the most up-to-date theories to be able to interpret the experimental results.

Alone, with Maurice, or with his collaborator Alexandre Dauvillier, Louis published numerous observations on the inner atomic levels and their occupation numbers, on the relation between absorption intensities and the number of levels and of the electrons, and on the photoelectric effect.


This enabled Louis to enter the restricted field of quantum researchers; however, his important work on the absorption intensities did not bring him only praise. However, Louis soon felt that it could prove crucial for better understanding the Bohr-Sommerfeld quantization scheme, which selected, among a continuity of classical motions, only a discrete range of quantically allowed ones.

Wave Theory of Matter. However, he introduced in his paper, most significantly, the idea of a light quantum with a very small, but nonvanishing, mass.De Broglie Phd Dissertation. de broglie phd dissertation college homework helper De Broglie Dissertation phd thesis discussion conclusions scholarship essay contests for high school studentsIn his PhD thesis he postulated the wave nature of electrons and suggested that.

Here is how the De Broglie hypothesis was developed.

De broglie phd dissertation

De Broglie's Thesis In his (or , depending on the source) doctoral dissertation, the French . Louis De Broglie (physicist) Matter Waves. PhD Thesis. Physicists. Theses and Dissertations.

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