Managment of kelp resources essay

Hire Writer The prospect of looking good and sounding right within organizations Human resource practitioners will agree to the fact that a great deal of time goes into activities and processes related to recruiting and selecting new staff for a particular position in an organization. Many at times the long durations tied to recruitment are connected to the ideal of companies to not only want to source for staff who are knowledgeable about what their companies deal in but also look the part of any given brand and are easily approachable by customers. Staff selection during a recruitment process of an organization is one of the most vital decisions that the organizations have to undertake to ensure that their normal operations are running smoothly Taylor Businesses have to know what they are clearly looking for in an employee before signing them up, not only how red-hot the skills of an individual seeking employment look will determine the long-term success of an organization and recruitment of the correct person but also the most important aspect is how they look and how they carry themselves while conversing with customers in an actual business setting Quast

Managment of kelp resources essay

Overexploitation of groundwater from an aquifer can result in a peak water curve.

Managment of kelp resources essay

Overexploitation occurs if a water resource, such as the Ogallala Aquiferis mined or extracted at a rate that exceeds the recharge rate, that is, at a rate that exceeds the practical sustained yield.

Recharge usually comes from area streams, rivers and lakes. An aquifer which has been overexploited is said to be overdrafted or depleted. Forests enhance the recharge of aquifers in some locales, although generally forests are a major source of aquifer depletion.

This has led to the concept of peak water. Overlogging Clear cutting of old growth forests in Canada. Forests are overexploited when they are logged at a rate faster than reforestation takes place.

Reforestation competes with other land uses such as food production, livestock grazing, and living space for further economic growth. Historically utilization of forest products, including timber and fuel wood, have played a key role in human societies, comparable to the roles of water and cultivable land.

Today, developed countries continue to utilize timber for building houses, and wood pulp for paper.


In developing countries almost three billion people rely on wood for heating and cooking. West AfricaMadagascarSoutheast Asia and many other regions have experienced lower revenue because of overexploitation and the consequent declining timber harvests.

Many coral reefs are overexploited; threats include coral mining, cyanide and blast fishingand overfishing in general. Overexploitation is one of the main threats to global biodiversity.

What is a kelp forest?

Marine ecosystems are of particular interest in this regard. Overgrazing can be caused by native fauna, as shown in the upper right. However, past human overexploitation leading to elimination of some predators may be behind the situation.

Overexploitation threatens one-third of endangered vertebratesas well as other groups. Industries responsible for this include the trade in bushmeatthe trade in Chinese medicineand the fur trade.

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It currently protects, to a varying degree, some 33, species of animals and plants. It is estimated that a quarter of the endangered vertebrates in the United States of America and half of the endangered mammals is attributed to overexploitation.

Overexploitation of these resources for protracted periods can deplete natural stocks to the point where they are unable to recover within a short time frame. Humans have always harvested food and other resources they have needed to survive.

Human populations, historically, were small, and methods of collection limited to small quantities. With an exponential increase in human population, expanding markets and increasing demand, combined with improved access and techniques for capture, are causing the exploitation of many species beyond sustainable levels.Natural Resource Management essay example At site two we find the habitat of an endangered bird found only in this area and needs to be protected.

This particular site is a natural zone in which I would seek to ensure the protection of its native animals. Human resource management. Contemporary organizations are more focused on improving its organizational culture and work arrangement structure to gain competitive advantage in rapidly changing business markets.

Important to note is that the human resource prospect is defined under two categories within any given organization; firstly there is the employees of an organization themselves and secondly the people in management who are responsible for promoting the values of the organization through ensuring that human aspects within an organization are.

Managment of kelp resources essay

Management of kelp ecosystem has been challenged by legal control of kelp fisheries, culture of kelps, deployment or improvement of substrata, and restoration of the deforested areas.

In Japan, kelp is harvested manually from boat without diving by fishermen after permitted by prefecture. Jun 25,  · What is a kelp forest?

Kelp forests provide food and shelter for thousands of species In ideal conditions, kelp can grow up to 18 inches per day, and in stark contrast to the colorful and slow-growing corals, the giant kelp canopies tower above the ocean floor.

Management of kelp ecosystem has been challenged by legal control of kelp fisheries, culture of kelp, activities using selected papers, books or web pages written in English.

Some information written in Japanese are also Harvest of kelp and other fisheries resources by.

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